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Of FM 13 and Bulgarian Dream

Dec 2, 2012

Sport Interactive comes again with their hit product entitled "Football Manager". This time they come out with FM 2013, with lots of new features and looks very promising. This and that, bla bla bla and et cetera. Sorry but I didn't pay attention much to the new features, probably I need to play it myself to get what are these new things looks like.

However, this time seems like FM 2013 are the most disappointing FM for many of it fans. In every single forums that I went to, almost everyone crying foul about crashes, voicing out their disappointment, some were even return to previous version of FM. Many were very frustrated, especially fans that forking out their pocket money to purchase original copy of FM. 

But one thing that I've noticed, even though all of this disappointment and frustration vented out by the fans, they still hoping things will go better, SI will provide patches and updates to fix the problem happened to the game. 

For me, I guess I'll be getting my copy of FM 2013 after receiving my graduating scroll, next year. If God will, by that time I've already secured my job and have my own money. Plus a copy of FM 2013 would be a perfect gift to celebrate my graduation day. Where is my next managerial destination? Not sure 'bout that. Currently still pursuing my Bulgarian dream save with FM 2011, to break the record of winning the most Bulgarian A League title with my Chavdar Etropole team.

The Golden Age team has start ageing, I need to bring my new players, change the system and tactical as the other team in the league has become stronger and tougher. As time goes by, I realized good teams that always sit on top have going down the hill. Middle table club has grown matured and stronger trying to wrestle the title from me. There even teams that winning promotion Bulgarian B league, only to see themselves get relegated, and then get promoted again by next season or two.

It's fun and challenging (especially when you're winning). However, until my Bulgarian Dream being achieved,  I'll most probably stick to FM 11. 


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