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FC Lviv : Champion of Persha Liha 2009/2010

Aug 5, 2010

Dinamo Kiev become the champion of Ukraine Premier League for 2008-2009

After good and promising during friendlies at the beginning, I’m pretty sure that my team is good enough to face the challenge ahead. Lots of club with glorious history and experienced players waiting for my squad ahead. For example, Sevastopol, Olexandriya, and even our parent club,  Energetyk Burshtyn were competing in the same league.

But, even few more games to the end of season, surprisingly FC Lviv was crowned as the champion of Persha Liha. This because there is huge gap of points between us and another contender, Olexandriya (16 points with 4 more games to go). Yes, I’ve been expected promotion, but maybe after two season in Persha Liha. Seems like my squad fighting well, and all of them very excited during the day we crowned as the champion!

The news headline of the day! :D

 Table of Persha Liha 2008-2009. 

 Lots of praises came in, from fans, board and players.

Results for my first season :

  • Champion of Persha Liha 2009/2010.
  • Fantastic performance from my young strikers, Maxym Zhychykov with 19 goals, 11 assists and even get third league top scorer in his first season. And I got him for free!
  • Managed to seal good deal, to rake in some profits from player transfers.
  • 18 games without lose…thats awesome!

  • Quarter final in Ukraine Cup, lose 2-1 to Metalurg Zp even though we hold the possession.

That’s all for this season. And during few weeks before season 2010/2011 start, suddenly I got call from my best friend, Arsene Wenger. He really interested to affiliate Arsenal with FC Lviv, because both of club will get the benefit. Arsenal will gain knowledge about Ukrainian players, and they will provide facilities and advise for club growth. 

 Good news coming in, my best friend's club become my parent club! :D

As reward for our great performance, board willingly upgrading facilities in my office, bring in state-of-the-art training equipments, and announcing expansion plan for Knyazha Arena. The expansion will add 1600 more seats to the stadium. Of course, this is the time to make money from tickets! I also received calls from few of corporate companies in Ukraine regarding with sponsor matters. Below is some of the headlines : 

 New season, new facilities!

 And of course, now our jersey got one big logo at our chest!

 Lots of profits came in...money, money and money...!!

 I'm glad having a very supportive president like you, Mr Yuriy.

Board expects FC Lviv to survive with respective position, and for sure my staffs, players and I will make sure the potential of this team being fulfilled. Let the media and the others people to say anything they want, but we will make sure they eat their words!

"FC Lviv : tiny club, huge potential"

Zinedine Zaiddin


  1. Anonymous said...:

    hantu fm rupenye..

    i can understand u taking an unknown club and trying to grow it to become a super power. like u said in ur previous post, from zero to hero..

    tp hang x rase bosan ke after a while? with players u hardly know in real life, and playing in a less glamorous league?

    personally aku suke gune team2 that have fallen from grace, english team that is.. cam newcastle, boro, leeds..

    anyways i guess everyone is entitled to his opinion. gud luck with ur team..

  1. @Papaseed:

    Hahaha..that's the beauty of FM bro! Lain orang, lain expectation..lain taste.

    For me, tak ada orang yang nak explore liga2 picisan macam ni..sedangkan bakat terpendam kat sini bersepah2. Salah satu advantagenya, aku dapat blajar tentang liga diorang, player diorang, dan baru2 ni ada member FM tanya aku pasal bakat2 muda dari Ukraine.

    Sebabnya? Stats diorang lebih kurang aje dengan player2 muda dalam list2 waonderkid..tp harga lagi murah..hehehee