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From Etropole to Mordovia

Jan 20, 2013 0 comments

No more Bulgarian Dream. I've been sacked by new management, although I've brought lot of success and trophies into the cabinet. From small and dusty wardrobe to new and shiny trophy room storage, winning games back to back, brought them from bottom of second tier of national league to the top of the world...

How could they do this to me. But life must go on. That night I wrote my CV, passed them to several close friends that have networks with football clubs worldwide. Waiting for months, suddenly got phone call on a fine evening.

One guy from Russia called me that evening. He's die-hard-fan of one small club from Russia, desperately begging me to save their club from being relegated. At first I thought just to decline the request, but when he keep begging....I said, "okay, but just for six month".

There you go, new journey to Russia motherland!

For Mother Russia! 
[courtesy: Overland Sphere]
After the touchdown, I've been brought to the club. Named Mordovia Saransk, first thing come onto my thought is.......Mordor. Yeah, I might not pronounced it well at first time. But that's my intention - "One does not simply walk into Mordovia". I'll turn this club fortune, bring them out from this mess and put them back on track! 

"One does not simply win against Mordovia" 
[Courtesy:  SportLogos.net]

To make it short, I've already with Mordovia Saransk for about 4 months. First few games not very impressive, especially first four games. Driving hard bargain to brought in talented players, kick out deadwood from club...there you go, the winning start kicking in.

Changing formation from 4-4-2 to 4-5-1 also could be our main reason of stay winning. It gave me strength in midfield and defensive, rather than crappy 4-4-2. League position improved from 16th to 8th within 4 months, I should extend my contract here. Things started to fall in place, and this has become more interesting! 

The best thing is; I just knew in Russian league even youth players needed to be registered to play. And few young lads already expressed their disappointment for not being listed, which resulted them to loaned out to feeder club. They should provide league rules and regulation guide in English too, rather than fully Russian!

At the end of the note, I didn't wish to get promoted next season, just aiming to end up at better position.  Probably 3rd or 4th should be enough for the time being. Mordovia need to be prepared for another one or two season, before get promoted. I don't have enough strength to see my team being trampled over by large teams later on.

That's all folks, we will meet again next time!