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Little Peek Into My Past

Jun 28, 2010

 Inspired by Gilad

"The journey of thousand miles started with one step."

Thats is one phrase that I hold from my little boy, until now. I really admires the managers that succeed and failed, excels and doomed with their beloved club, and those moments really exciting, and sometimes make us deeply upset. But, after all, experience is the best teacher.

I'm started playing Football Manager in 2008. Of course the version that I played is FM 2008, where I have glorious season with Sunderland. Taking over from Roy Keane, bring in shiny gems, excellent-yet-cheap players and kicked ass of deadwood, my team managed to win quadruple - started from Premier League up until Club World Championship.

 Glorious season with The Black Cats

Then 2009 comes, I started to play FM 2009 quite late. Around nearly May or June 2009, when I think all the experienced gamers has already achieved great moments with their save games. In FM 2009, I've decided to go unemployed, with Automatic experience. Loaded Brazil, England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France database, Santos FC from Brazilian Premier League interested with my resume. They snapped me, and after 5 years I've been legend there...for my great achievements with Santos FC.

Another great moments with "Peixe"

And now, here comes FM 2010. At first I'm not able to catch up how to do this and that. Even finding inbox and responds to backroom staff was so hard, as SI changed FM interface massively. But from time to time I learned from basics and to become a maestro, in FM world. At first I chose to play with Preston, but suddenly something bad happened to my save...so I changed to Thrasyvoulos FC. And once again, my Thrasyvoulos save also corrupted...now I'm started with decent club from Ukraine. Introducing FC Lviv!!

Decent club with great unearthed potential from Dobromyl, Ukraine.

My season with FC Lviv has been started quite early actually. But for now, I think maybe I'll slow down a little bit for my blog to catch up with my save game. Looking forward to have another great moment with FC Lviv, eventhough I know its gonna to be a challenging season. But as an English proverb said,

"No pain, no gain"

Thats all for now, another posts about my experience with Football Manager will coming, and hope you guys will enjoy it!

"No guts, no glory"

Zinedine Zaiddin


  1. hell yeah..my save data also corrupted...and now i've created a club on my own...set up Harimau Malaya FC based in Barcelona and compete in their 3rd Division...thought, the youngers can't ripe as fast as wonderkid..few of them I stole them from GH Academy =))

  1. Sang Karipap said...:

    Well..thats good! But creating new club is quite time-consuming for me..hehe