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Great Start , Excellent Ending Waiting Ahead

Jul 28, 2010

Sorry for taking so long time for an update. Actually I’m trying to find suitable layout and template that suit with this blog. Because some layout does not provide much space for certain pictures, and I wouldn’t like that. 

Anyway I hope this new layout will resolved that problem. Before we go further, let me introduce a little bit about FC Lviv. 

FC Lviv logo

FC Lviv is new club actually, and it was founded in 2006 – almost 5 years ago. As a very young club, with decent squad and empty cabinets waiting for trophies to be filled in, now its my task to guide the club having its own glorious moments!

Additional Information:
  • Status : Professional
  • Reputation : National
  • Chairman Status: Enjoying life at the club
  • No legends or club icons yet.
  • Fierce Rival : Karpaty Lviv
  • Other Rival: none
  • Finance : Secure
  • Squad Personality : Highly Ambitious
    FC Karpaty-Lviv

    For your information, current FC Lviv does not have any relation with FC Lviv that been set up during 1992-2001, as it has been taken over by Karpaty Lviv and converted it into their reserve team (FC Karpaty-2 Lviv).

    I’m quite impressed with my players,backroom staffs and facilities provided. I can see they very hungry to achieve success, and very motivated to return at top flight back after been relegated last year. Seems like FC Lviv need few more coaches and scouts, I reminded my beautiful secretary to place job vacancies adverts. Hope there’s lot of Ukrainians eager to join my team. 

    There also few coaches being recommended by my existing backroom staffs, but some of them looks not capable enough.

    After having meeting with players, Sergiy Yaschenko and I discussing about possible friendlies, tactics and lists of possible transfers to strengthen our team for promotion back to Premier Liha. Among my key transfer target is :

    • Maxym Zhychykov, young striker released from Kharkiv Lviv last season;
    • Tony Alegbe, a strong midfielder from Nigeria. Looks good to play as DM.
    • Djordje Tutoric, experienced and strong CB from Serbia.
    • Vladislav Piskun, from Sevastopol, capable to play as RB or LB.
    • Vitaliy Samoilov, at the age of 34, his experience is very needed to help my youngsters development.
    • Onyekachi Nwoha, physically strong striker to break the opponent’s defense line. 
      Djordje Tutoric

      There’s already 4 friendlies before I come here, with two wins and two draws against small team, thats not so impressive for me. Below is the result :

        So I decided to arrange another 4 friendlies before the league kicked off, with tour to Poland against two decent team and another two from Premier Liha…thats the result!

        Maxym Zhychykov scores on his debut during match against Kryvbas, while both Grygoriy and Borys Baranets really impressed me. Looks like I’m already getting one leg in Premier Liha for next season, I’m fairly confident my team will return to Premier Liha back!