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Aug 16, 2010

Yes, Ramadhan is time to recharge

Ramadhan come again this year, thanks to Allah because giving me another chance to perform my obligatory once again – fasting in Ramadhan. Just brief information about Ramadhan, this month is the time all Muslims around the globe will perform their fasting. Fasting not only giving benefits in religious perspective, but also scientifically. As a reminder to all Muslims FM enthusiasts, don't forget your obligatory while enjoying your managerial career.

Continue with my story, I’m currently sitting in my office while trying to figure out how to approach our first league fixture against Kryvbas. After my team on leave for almost two month, I’ve only two weeks to prepare my team to regain their match fitness. Short tour to Germany and Bulgaria should sort it out, hope so. 

 4 wins against German and Bulgarian team, only penalty loss against Rostock

I’m not involve actively in transfer window for this season, as I’m focusing more on my youths and my reserves. This season I’m trying to reduce my squad size, because I think there is too much players that can play for same position, and I’m afraid my youngsters don’t have chance to play for my first team. After selling and loan out some of my beloved players, I managed to rake in 1 million euros. Taking out 400K from it to buy bring in 1 young midfielder and 1 young defender.

-Boyan Daskalov (from Cherno more) – perform well during friendly match against my team, I snapped him up for 200K euro, as I’m currently short of quality full back, and he should play well along with Ajkunic and Tutoric.

-Volodymyr Gladkyi (Hellios Kharkiv) – just another good midfielder, as he would provide better option when injury struck. So eager to play for first team, and I like that spirit my boy!

With few more days to go, lots of discussion has been made with my backroom staffs to figure out best strategy. From the discussion, Kryvbas have lots of disadvantages to compare with us, especially in aspects of height, determination, flair, dribbling and passing. They also have tendency to struggle to play against team that have similar reputation with us. Looks like an easy win would be for us, but I’m not gonna be too overconfident.

After Kryvbas, we have to play against Metalist, Metalurg and Dinamo Kiev. If we managed to get 3 points this coming Sunday, at least we send a warning for them to be cautious when play against us! 

"Hope the best team win!"

Zinedine Zaiddin


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