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Starting From Zero....to Be The Hero!

Jun 30, 2010

How do you start your FM career?

For me, I’m prefer to start from zero. Totally zero. And I would love the feeling of handling a club that not having any chances to survive, yet at the end of the season the club was promoted to next division or win cups.

To get my career started, I’ve sent my resumes to clubs at Sweden, Ukraine, Norway, Denmark, Romania and Holland. I decided to not applying to be manager in 5 dominant European league, as I know they would not even take a look at the inexperienced manager like me. Furthermore, my reputation is totally zero.

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One day, after taking bath in a very nice morning, I’ve received two email from football club president. One from Danish First Division club (sorry forgot the name), and another one from Ukraine First Division club, FC Lviv. But I snubbed offer from Danish club, as the transfer and wage budget was offered less that the Ukrainian club one. Furthermore, the facilities at the FC Lviv is better.

After going through all the required procedures, getting the passport done, checked twice at foreign airport (as my name looks like Arabic)..and few more hours to go, now I’ve arrived at FC Lviv training ground! Yeahhh!!

Quite good facilities, you can see my players training over there.

After that, my task is to remove all deadwoods that only being a parasite to my club, bring in brilliant talents and getting club promoted!

I'll pay your faith, Mr Yuriy Kindzerskyi. Thanks for the chance!

p/s: Mr Yuriy is my club chairman. :)

Zinedine Zaiddin


  1. kioʞ said...:

    Bang Zaiddin, ane juga suka maen FM. Follow blog ane yah. Masa' yang follow cuma ane?? T.T

    Ane baru aja mulai new game pake Aldershot. Cekidot... :D

    Ditunggu bang, karir FM selanjutnya...

  1. kioʞ said...:

    Ampe lupa, hehe... nih Linknya bang.
    Sukses yah.


  1. @kahak cair:


    @Johnny Karp:

    Looking forward to update regularly. Hehe


    Insya Allah, currently quite busy with my degree..quite no time to update my career.. :)

  1. i alwys start with a small club or sometimes lower div..
    my fav was leeds and notts forest..

    nver try wit unemployed..

  1. zam said...:

    nice idea i though... next journey I i will try this... thanks.